Purchase manager

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Purchase Manager ( fulltime)

What is your added value?
You are, so to say, the face of our organization. Suppliers will see your name as if it was the company's. They know how to find you when products need to be offered, and also small talk or business views, as a matter of fact: they trust you. You are buying an; trading, making it all possible. Be aware that this job could stretch to a 24/7 flow, although we ofcourse let you enjoy your holidays and weekends. Sounds like a cool job to you? Then you're all set! Please read further as we'd like to know who you are and if you fit the profile.

Who are we actually?
BModesto is part of the BModesto Group and does focuss on pharmaceutical parallel trade. By buying and selling pharmaceutical products within the European Union, we make them affordable for everyone. We make products available where there is a lack. The purchase department, with you embedded, is also purchasing for several subsidiaries. By working at Purchase, you contribute to develop new medication and buying products for clinical trials. And you make sure there is maximum potential of medicines at the lowest possible prices within the European. For many years in a row we were nominated the FD Gazelle Awards as fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. We keep expanding our business. And you can be a part of that exiting business as well!

How does an avarage working day look like?
Tough to tell, as it really depends on what you put into, to be honest. Some days are relaxed and then we listen to this really bad Dutch radio stations. Other days are chaotic and the only music you will hear, is your colleagues' phones.

Further more we can summ up some key elements we gathered by talking to your future team:
• You are responsible for the stock level of multiple European countries. You analyse stock levels, check alternatives and where to buy and how to negotiate pricing. Sometimes you decide to pay more to get more… so it can be a strange business.
• You use your cell phone not only to check Facebook, but also your suppliers daily. How do your markets look like next week or next month? What drives your contacts? Which products are to be sold out in the nearby future? Are they interesting for us? Can we add new products to our portfolio for national markets? Export? Clinical Trials? The sky is the limit…
• Sometimes you just sit behind your desk comparing two different excel sheets with loads of prices. Boring? Not at all… You'll looking for opportunities, clues, chances. Discover new potential products and propositions.
• You're resposible for developing your markets and you connect the dots between purchase and sales. You're focussed at anytime and make sure that there are no secrets to you when it regards products, availabilities, pricing, country contact persons and business habits. Your thirst to get information and possibilities is limitless.
• In this position you're also responsible for coaching at least one colleague. Together you deal with several countries and as a team you know more, right? We're looking for a team-player that's honest not affraid to tell his colleagues when he thinks differently.

We'd like to see these competences;
• Ambitious entrepreneurship
• Creative & Innovative skills
• Strong analytical mentality
• Loyalty and great working drive

What do you usually have?
• Minimum bachelor degree, preferably commercial. Or a great alternative...
• Minimum of 5 years working experience in a comparable position (Commercial Purchase, Trade, Sales etc.)
• Excellent English language skills :) Really; a second language is a nice add-on.
• Amazing skills with analytics tools like Excel
• A result driven personality with a good sense of humour

What will you expect from us?
• Appreciation for your work and the development of business
• An honest salary package with opputunities to develop
• Bonus proposition of two months’ paycheck per year
• Company credit card, laptop, iPhone X or better
• Great flying and travelling possibilities where applicable, but no company car
• Everyday great colleagues, lots of good vibes in a great and modern office environment

If you recongise yourselves in this job profile, please don't hasitate to contact us directly on (and send your motivation in English to) the below mentioned numbers:


Mrs. Marleen Blaas

+31 6 401 914 05


Purchase manager